Saturday, December 14, 2013

Orphanage Visit

Finally, we are in Guangzhou, and we have more reliable Internet service, so maybe I can get caught up on our days.

The newly adopted daughter of the other family we have been traveling with has chicken pox.  They found out on Gotcha Day, but thought that she was on the downside of the virus.  Since chicken pox was going around the orphanage only Heather (the other mom) and I went to the orphanage.  We were able to see several rooms, although we could not take pictures inside the buildings or of any of the children.

It was encouraging to see the orphanage has several different therapy rooms and learning rooms. There were children learning music, learning how to write their Chinese letters.  They have a lot available to them to help the children.  We did not see any sleeping rooms or see any of the youngest children. In total, we probably only saw about 40 children, maybe not even that many. The rooms and halls appeared to be very clean and organized. There were many teachers/nannies working with the children. 

If my child had been in the orphanage, I would have been pleased to know that she was receiving some of these services. Unfortunately, (and I can't really believe I'm saying this) but I almost wish that Zoe had been in the orphanage.  I know that her foster mother loved her very much, but I think in some ways she may have spoiled Zoe.  I think she may have tried to feed Zoe solid food, but Zoe didn't want it, so she just didn't give it to her. I think she may have tried to get Zoe to walk, but Zoe didn't want to, so she didn't try.  That is just my opinion, and I certainly will never know for sure, but the way Zoe reacts when we try to give her solid food, give her a bath or try to get her to stand up, you might think that, too. We still give her a bath in the sink, and we still try to give her solid food at a few meals a day, and we still try to get her to stand, all in hopes that she will improve a little each time.

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