Thursday, June 7, 2012

Two Interviews in One

We had two wonderful things happen today, basically both at the same time.  First, we had our 12 month post placement interview for Kayleigh's adoption.  At the same time, we had our 1st of 4 interviews for our home study for the 2nd adoption.  I had hoped this would be possible, but I was thinking it would happen at the second interview. Our social worker contacted us and asked if we could do it today. Of course! We have also learned we will not have to do the online Hague Training (21 hours of online reading of articles and watching of videos) This saves us $195.  We do not have to do the adoption discussion questions, the adopting trans-racially/internationally questions, or the complete autobiographies.  This is literally HOURS of writing and answering questions.  I handed over a stack of papers to our social worker; we have already been fingerprinted and filled out Child Abuse and Neglect Forms. We are still a long way from going to China to bring home Kayleigh's sister, but we are moving right along. Gotta love it!

Our first fund raiser will be June 23. So many people have been so generous in bringing us their stuff, we are going to have our first yard sale on that day.  We already have a couch, loveseat, 2 entertainment centers, books, lots of children's books, board games, purses and bags, kitchen items, home decor items, lots of queen sheet sets (in very good condition, I might add), some teacher things that I have cleaned out and too many other things to mention. I am still pricing and sorting items. If you have items you would like to donate, we will continue to accept items for this yard sale until June 15.  That will give me time to sort and price. If you have other things you would like to donate later, we plan to have another yard sale some time in the fall. Thanks to the generosity of Billy and Christy Taylor, we plan to have the yard sale at Home Town Lenders on North Parkway next to Flint River Baptist Church. We will start around 8 and go until we drop, probably.  If you do not consider yourself a yard sale shopper, tell your friends who are!

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