Friday, May 18, 2012

The Beginning

Hi, Everyone!
I decided I would blog about our 2nd adoption to keep everyone informed. Let me tell you how we got to this point.  In February, we attended a Steven Curtis Chapman Concert at Capshaw Baptist Church.  It was a great concert! Of course, he shared about their three China adoptions and showed the video of families on Gotcha Day while he sang "When Love Takes You In." I stood in the back holding Kayleigh and cried through the whole thing!  It was at that moment I started thinking maybe we needed to do this again. (Just as a side note, it was the SCC concert I had attended two years before that brought us to adopting Kayleigh. Jeff isn't never going to let me attend another SCC concert.) But, there were two big hurdles. First, we are not financially set for a 2nd adoption like we were the first, and by the time we actually travel to China, Jeff and I willd be 49 years old and counting.  Chasing toddlers around is a little tiring, especially when you are older!  So, anyway.... this just kept tugging at my heart. I could not let it go. Adopting another little girls literally consumed my thoughts - day AND night.  I began talking to Jeff about it, and we began praying about it. I was still too worried about the money and being older. In the interim I read Choosing to See by Mary Beth Chapman.  Through that book, God confirmed over and over again that we needed to adopt, and one night I just told Jeff that we HAD to do it. I contacted our agency, and in late April of this year, we submitted our application. Within just a couple of weeks, we were accepted and the process began again. At this writing, we have already completed our fingerprints and sent them off, and I have sent a stack of papers and our first big check to our agency.  The ball is definitely rolling, and I am already thinking about packing!  We are probably looking at at least a year from now before we travel again.  Keep watching and reading, and I'll do my best to keep you posted!

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